IPM: Pushing back the frontiers

There can be no doubt that the EU Sustainable Use Directive will impact on everyone involved with crop production and crop protection in the UK over the next few years. The overall objective of the Directive is to ensure that pesticides are used sustainably by reducing the risks and impacts of use on human health and the environment and encouraging the development and introduction of IPM. In short this will mean the replacement of broad spectrum pesticides with alternative approaches and techniques.

The Directive requires the general principles of IPM to be implemented by professional pesticide users by 1 January 2014. The UK’s National Action Plan (NAP) for the implementation of the Directive has been prepared by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) with strategic oversight by Defra.

Given the urgency for the implementation of the NAP, there can never have been a more appropriate time to draw together and pool the expertise of people currently involved with IPM. The Association of Applied Biologists (AAB), which has over 280 members with a special interest in IPM, organises an annual gathering of the IPM community at which policy makers, experienced researchers, young scientists and practitioners can detach themselves from their usual day-to-day pressures and totally immerse themselves in the subject.

The 2013 conference, entitled ‘IPM: Pushing back the frontiers’, was organised in partnership with the International Biocontrol Manufacturers’ Association (IBMA) with the specific aim of addressing issues associated with the implementation of the UK’s NAP. The event attracted over 90 delegates from many different backgrounds.

Organisers: Dr Rob Jacobson, Mr Phil Walker, Prof Toby Bruce, Mrs C Millman

Speakers at the recent AAB / IBMA conference "IPM: Pushing back the frontiers"

"I've attended the AAB conferences for several years as it is the only event focused specifically on IPM. The chance to discuss with scientists, policy makers and practitioners provides a unique perspective on this developing area. Good IPM brings together a range of technologies and techniques and the event provides a forum to consider them all."

Chris Wallwork, Horticulture Technical Manager at Agrii

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